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Handsome Mandarin was established in 2009 and had over 1,000 students in the past and has hundreds of students registered currently. HandsomeMandarin provides Mandarin courses mainly via internet, plus some in classroom. Based on students’ different backgrounds, we have special designed courses to help all the students to achieve their best results at different levels. No matter where you are from, as long as you have the interests to learn Chinese and you have computer or cell phone to connect with internet, Handsome Mandarin will lead you to reach your personal goal!

David:I am English and I have learned Chinese for 2years in HANDSOME.

Peter:I come from USA and have many Chinese neighbors. Every time when I speak Chinese to...

Rolf:I like learning Chinese in HANDSOME.It is great that I can speak Chinese once I turn on my pc.

Zima:I am in Germany, but I am quite fascinated by Chinese character and culture. They are amazing!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, If you would like to sign up for classes,please email us at chchpf@gmail.com

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